Formula: SiO2

Silicon dioxide (SiO2) is a crystalline compound that transmits visible and ultraviolet light. Many crystalline forms exist, the most common of which is Quartz. Ultra pure silicon dioxide is an important material in the electronics industry. The whole of planar electronics processing and the modern IC industry has been made possible by the unique properties of silicon dioxide: the only native oxide of a common semiconductor which is stable in water and at elevated temperatures, an excellent electrical insulator, a mask to common diffusing species, and capable of forming a nearly perfect electrical interface with its substrate. Deposited silicon dioxide, almost always by CVD approaches, is almost as old as thermal growth on the substrate, and has been employed in various ways in IC fabrication due to its familiarity, versatility, and reliability. Silicon Dioxide, is an amorphous solid which does not have a characteristic X-ray diffraction pattern. Silicon Dioxide is white in powder or pressed form and transparent in granular or piece form. Silicon Dioxide is a highly desirable coating material due to its high deposition rate and ease of evaporation using low cost resistance-heated coating systems. Silicon Dioxide is also noted for its excellent environmental stability.

Purity: 99.995 % ~ 99.999 %
Availability: Powder, crystalline granules, sintered pieces, pellets, sputtering targets, disc.
Opto Physical Properties:
Density Refractive index Transparency range Evaporation Temp.
2.21 g/cc 1.46 at 500 nm 200 nm - 2,000 nm 1800-2200 oC

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